By popular demand. I've teamed up with Black City Tactical to offer a thumb rest solution for Featureless AK owners. 

They are $10 per thumb rest with a flat shipping fee of $3 for up to 5 rests. Please email me at to order

Black City Tactical - AK-47 Thumb Rest

  • The BCT thumb rest is a Drop-in upgrade for AK47/AK74s with wrapped grips and is Handmade in the USA
  • Designed to complement the featureless CA compliance solutions for AK systems and provide for a safer and stronger grip on your firearm.
  • The BCT thumb rest will fit most standard AK47/AK74s (NOT milled receivers or Yugos).
  • With the AK's low tolerances and wide variations some minor fitting adjustment might be necessary.
  • Designed for Right-hand use, but easily used for Left-hand applications


Step 1 : Clear your AK to make sure it is unloaded. Safety First!
Step 2 : Use an appropriate screwdriver to loosen the grip enough to slide in the BCT thumb rest.
Step 3 : With the BCT thumb rest properly inserted, re-tighten the grip screw. 
Step 4 : Go shooting! Enjoy!

Custom Kydex Grip Wraps